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Case studies: Are you shouting loudly enough?

When you run a business, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the everyday mundanity. But what you might see as humdrum, your potential customers see as news. You could be sitting on a valuable library of marketing material, cunningly disguised as your ‘day job’ – well it’s time to expose it.

Imagine this common scenario: you need a new gadget for your home – you’ve done your research and narrowed it down to two products.

You check both product websites for more info: the first proffers an array of great images and technical data – all very helpful. On the second, you find a testimonial from someone who has used the product for exactly the same job you need it for. It’s in the bag. Even though the first product might have been equally suitable (and possibly cheaper), the review on the second site has given you 100% piece of mind that you’re making the right decision. You click ‘Add to basket’. Sorted.

Case studies have exactly the same impact on your potential customers – they are a great way to showcase your products or services in action. So if you have a back-catalogue of client projects, shout about them!

The benefits

A good old-fashioned case study will do all this:

  • Allow potential clients to see how your product or service is already being used on real projects similar to theirs, and what results are being delivered.
  • Show in real terms, how your product or service might help overcome specific challenges on an existing project.
  • Highlight how your team pulls together to help solve real problems on real projects, and how your after-sales and technical support measure up.
  • Build relationships with your existing clients; when you promote the involvement of your business in their project, you are also promoting them. From a PR point of view, everyone’s a winner.
  • Provide opportunities for lots of project photography or graphic imagery; great photography sells (and often gets noticed by magazine editors).
  • Provide excellent material for your social media campaigns.

Case studies can be formatted into a corporate style, and used to create project portfolios for your sales team, or as PDF downloads on your website. And by constantly uploading new case studies to your website, you’ll improve your SEO and Google rankings.

Let’s unleash your case study potential

I have been organising and writing strong case studies for 20 years. A fair amount of etiquette is involved, and I am happy to deal with all that for you. I’ll also make sure the finished case study has been seen and approved by all necessary parties. The result will be a fantastic record of your successes, to assist your potential customers in their decision-making process.


Case studies are charged at my normal copywriting rates, with some extra time added for client calls, emails and approvals.

You could be looking at as little as £75 – so contact me, and let’s start blowing that trumpet!

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