I do words

I’m Nic Perrins, and I have been writing professionally in B2B and consumer markets for 25 years.

My background is in PR and marketing, an industry that allowed me to indulge my love of writing; developing and polishing my skills along the way.

My technical articles have appeared in some of the construction industry’s most prestigious printed titles; my scripts can be heard on radio advertisements; and countless blogs, press releases and websites have benefited from my wordage.

My writing style is slick and minimalist – I never use fifty words where ten will do. Yet on the flip side, if you ask me to write something based on just a few bullet points, I’ll give you editorial that sings.

I trained with the College of Media and Publishing and qualified with distinction. I’m a member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading.

So do you need to create an image for yourself or your business? You know what you need to say, but not quite sure how to say it? Or have you already created your own words, and feel they would benefit from an expert polish?

Whatever the project, no problem: I’ll look after the words for you.