It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it

A colleague once said to me, "I'd rather go to prison, than transcribe an audio file." A bit drastic, granted, but propitious for me in that I actually quite enjoy it. The world would be so boring if we were all the same.

I work with WAV, MP3 and MP4 file formats, to transcribe any non-specialist audio. For example:

  • Scripts and narration (TV/Radio/Film production)
  • Interviews
  • Videos
  • Dictation
  • Lectures/Speeches
  • Podcasts

'Clean verbatim' (RECOMMENDED): I will tidy up the narrative as I type. Content will not be altered, some paraphrasing where appropriate, all hesitations removed and slang corrected: 'dunno', 'gonna', replaced with 'I don't know', 'going to', etc.

'True verbatim': I will type exactly what is in the audio. No paraphrasing. All ums, ers, stutters and slang speech (dunno, wanna, gonna etc) will remain.

If additional copy-edits are required, the total word count will be calculated and an additional copy-editing charge applied.

Confidentiality guaranteed.

Transcription -

*The minimum rate of £1 per minute assumes the following:

  • A clean verbatim transcription (true verbatim takes longer)
  • Maximum two speakers
  • Good audio quality
  • No background noise
  • No heavy regional or international accents
  • Native or highly proficient English speakers
  • If transcription is not necessary for the full file, clear instructions will be required to clarify in and out points
  • Turnaround of 10 working days

Final price will be subject to my review of the audio.
 Short files of less than 10 minutes carry a minimum charge of £10.00.
Express turnaround can be arranged for an additional charge.
A deposit will be required prior to work starting.