Don’t let lockdown destroy your professional profile

We all know that the pandemic has led to a large number of redundancies over recent months; with marketing departments having suffered massively. Many companies have been left vulnerable, without marketing or comms support, whilst remaining office staff are just too busy to check and double-check everything that is being released to the public. This is a precarious position, but one that can be easily avoided.

As the director of Presto PR and a qualified copywriter, proofreader and copy-editor, I have worked with high-profile clients in the B2B and construction sectors for over 20 years. I understand the importance of image — especially when you’re surrounded by competition — so, I’ve launched a new and affordable solution to these lockdown issues: a kind of ‘Corporate Comms Insurance’.

If you are still producing regular marketing material in-house, but are struggling to maintain quality and accuracy due to reduced time and resources, a fixed monthly fee of just £245 will secure 7 hours of my proofreading and editing time every month. This means you can call on me, as required, to thoroughly check and verify marketing material such as:

  • press releases
  • editorials and articles
  • case studies
  • blogs
  • social media posts
  • presentations
  • board reports
  • web pages
  • ad copy
  • brochures, leaflets and flyers
  • POS material
  • price lists
  • important emails
  • radio ad scripts, etc.

Proofreading is more involved and far more important than most people realise. In addition to checking for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar, I will also:

  • double-check references to facts, quotes, people, real events, names and dates, in order to avoid potential misunderstandings, libel or legal repercussions
  • check for correct sentence structure and clarity
  • ensure that your message and tone are suitable for your target audience
  • provide light copy-edits (rewording) if required
  • ensure consistent formatting of headings, tables and bulleted lists
  • look for inconsistencies in page numbering, spacing and text alignment

Please don’t send out your marketing material unchecked — you are risking embarrassment, loss of business, and in some cases, legal action; and this small monthly investment can provide the assurances you need, until you’re ready to rebuild your team.

For an informal chat, call me on 07962 171780 or use the contact form.

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